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Zena Geard

Zena Geard is a certified Psychotherapist (EAP), a Practitioner, Trainer and Supervisor in Psychodrama, and is a certified Family and Couples Therapist. She has a Master`s degree in Systemic Family Therapy (MSc). She has worked in private child care and at the Family office in Moss and she now works in private practice.
Zena offers counseling for individuals, couples and LGBTQ+. Her fields of expertise are Trauma and Sexuality. She has given workshops internationally on Psychodrama and is also an experienced facilitator in the fields of team building, leadership development, and mediation.
As well as running her own company, Zena is on the board of several national and international organizations.
Zena has given lectures on her research "How is participating in BDSM experienced as impacting on the relationship?" for Masters classes at VID University and at the Family Office.

Leandra Perrotta photo bio.jpg

Leandra Perrotta

Leandra Perrotta is an Italian/Australian, Clinical Psychologist and Psychotherapist living in Norway.  She is a certified Practitioner, Trainer and Supervisor of Psychodrama, Transgenerational Psychotherapy  and Dance Movement Therapy. She is Professor at IPAP - Post-Graduate Institute of Analytical Psychology and Jungian Psychodrama in Ivrea, Italy, Trainer and Supervisor at the International Anne Ancelin Schützenberger School of Transgenerational Therapy, in Paris, France and Trainer and Supervisor of Dance Movement Therapy at the Turkish Dance Therapies Association in Izmir, Turkey.

Leandra is President of ITTA -  International Association of Transgenerational Therapy  and Past President of FEPTO  - Federation of European Psychodrama Training Organizations.  She is Past Chair of the FEPTO Task Force for Peace Building and Conflict Transformation.
Leandra offers counseling with LGBTQ+. and her fields of expertise are Psychogenealogy, Trauma, Sexuality and Dreams.
Leandra was trained in Psychogenealogy with Anne Ancelin Schützenberger, in EMDR -  Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing, and also has a Master's Degree in English and French Literature.
Leandra has held trainings, lectures and workshops on  Psychodrama, Dance Movement Therapy and Transgenerational Therapy in over 40 countries worldwide.


Eduardo Verdu

Eduardo has an MSc in systemic family therapy. He is a trained group psychotherapist and a process oriented group leader; for years he has been teaching action methods in Norway and Europe.

Eduardo is a sought after process leader, supervisor and teacher all over Europe. He is the architect behind the Morenian process facilitator education for consultants in Norway as well as the director of studies at the Moreno Institute in Norway.

Eduardo is an experienced facilitator in the fields of team building, leadership development, conflict management and mediation.

In addition to running his own company, Eduardo is the leader of the European supervision committee for action methods and is on the board of several national and international organizations.

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